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The law that freed from worries is so simple that sometimes I was surprised at how easy it was to apply it to be able to divert almost all my worries.

For it is very simple what really hurts us are those trivial concerns before the truly important ones could be said, then for that reason this law is almost infallible is the

"Law of averages"

That already previously speak about it, because it speaks to us we worry about things that come from our imagination and not from the reality sometimes for example:

  • Worry about not having a loving partner and imagine countless scenarios with that person who does not know you exist.
  • Worry about dying in a disastrous way (by lightning, buried)
  • Worry about what people think about you, and imagine the good and bad things about your personality
  • Worry about what we should say in a certain situation that may never happen, but imagine it looking for the best way to deal with it, etc.

In short, we worry about things that never happened or will happen but not in that way as you imagine it because you do not have the control to determine that situation that happens as you have thought, and maybe we worry or think about these situations because we want to be prepared for everything or that makes you feel happy thinking about that, but the point is that we spend a lot of time on something that will not happen and the unfortunate thing is that we do not worry about ourselves, since by allowing this to take valuable time away and cause countless conditions to your body; perhaps we can not change it, then here comes "the law of averages" which consists in examining the situation by percentages that may or may not happen.

If the answer to your concern shows a number of 1 in 10000 or something similar, why worry about something that is unlikely to happen, once you have adopted that thought, you will have no reason to worry and what will this law do?

Let us make it through this knowledge of the law of averages to make that tickle disappear in our belly and to end the habit of worries before it ends with us

"Let's examine the records" Let's ask ourselves: "What are the probabilities, according to the law of the averages, that this event that I am worrying about happens again"

Without more to say and thank them for reading what I publish, this helped me to the extent that I allow it to do so because it will depend on each one as this kind of knowledge helps in what it does to me if it does so in a surprising way for that reason When writing I am happy and I hope that you can also feel it through proper knowledge, of course I sometimes feel very worried about minutiae, but as I continue reading, I continue to discover many things that should not be too important. See you next time .Bye


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