"Do not try to saw sawdust"

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Rule 6: Bury our dead


he phrase we will not saw sawdust in itself means that the things that are already done can not be modified or made again so that we can go around and try to solve what is already established and only exists in our minds, becoming only history that is our power to learn from it or to continue with useless attempts to fix it.

At this moment I remember a phrase you could say that we often comment in my family that "What is done, done" or "What happened last" among others.

So we do not submit to an ordeal of worries for long months that will only bring us diseases, do not think about things we have done and wish we had done them in a better way or in a different way and regret about it.

What do we get out thinking about that?
Nothing Truth, therefore "We never cry about spilled milk", instead we have the courage and the will to be able to save that milk with a little attention and care, however it is too late to be able to make something when it is already spilled, the only prudent and best we can erase it and forget it to move on to the next step:

"Improve our mistakes"

Since: "If a person is not making mistakes is that he is not innovating, and if a person is making the same mistakes is that he is not learning anything"

In short, we learn from those mistakes and stop suffering from the spilled milk, we project against each other plans for the future doing things in which we are better, because that alone will bring us true happiness, always looking forward to repair our damage. And in any case, all the powers of the world are not capable of fixing what already belongs to the past.

Let's remember:

"Do not try to saw sawdust"