Give a "stop loss" order for our concerns

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Rule 5: To destroy with the habit of worry before it ends with us


Our problems do not arise because of the problem or concern itself, but because of the time we dedicate to each of these, then we have problems or things that we dislike a loss ceiling would be the best way to get rid of worries that carry our life.

We can use it for our impatience, genius, desire, sorrows, for all the mental and emotional tensions and thus take control of situations that threaten to destroy our inner peace.

Since it will only bring misfortune in our lives if we dedicate our time to mixed feelings that made us feel very bad in the past, or worries about trifles that we always aggravate until we reach the point of having paid too much for the situation, it has caused "more grief what a pleasure"

As an example of this technique we can redeem the following:

  • In a moment of impatience of some unpunctual people, put a stop loss of a few minutes, so we are pending and frustrandote and cursing your friend for not arriving at the time and enjoy the day, thus making other people appreciate your valuable time and so you too enjoying it because you got rid of that tension of waiting.

This happens for all circumstances, so let's put this cap on loss and get rid of those tensions that displease us that emanate people or problems that are always happening.

And let's say enough in this very moment

"Whenever we are tempted to give good money as bad as a function of life let's stop and let's ask ourselves these three questions"

1.- How much do I really care about this thing that I am worrying about?
2.- At what point will I fix the "stop loss" order for this concern ... and will I forget the matter?
3.- How much exactly will I pay for this problem? Have I not already paid for it more than it is worth?

I recommend that you write them on a piece of paper and reflect if one of your worries is taking you a long time to overcome it, once you answer these three questions and give a solution to believe me you will feel relief and every time you will be close to ending the habit of worry putting that "stop loss" in your life.

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