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End the habit of worry before it ends with us


People worry about some circumstances that happen in our lives, one more than others depending on the level in which these have affected us, thus taking some importance to each of them

And we care about each one until the moment where something inevitable happens to us that could not be otherwise as to be about to die or circumstances similar to this.

At that moment we realize that the other concerns lost importance, then we appreciate life as such, since we accept almost any situation - if we are obliged to do so - we adjust to it and quickly forget the whole thing.

For this reason we do not let something really catastrophic or inevitable happen to us to start living truly free of that habit of worries.

However, we are not the ones to know what the future holds for us, since something really unpleasant can happen to us in our lives that we know can not be changed, such as:

*Loss of the senses of your body
*Loss of a very important person in your life
*Mutilation of one of your members
*Loss of the senses of your body

Well a number of disastrous problems that we can accept as inevitable or we can destroy our lives in rebellion and perhaps end up with nerves undone.

If you can not conceive the why? of your misfortune thinks that it is already done, that you can not change it, but if ** endured **, and that is achieved by ceasing to lament a past that will no longer return.

Because of what determines our way of feeling is our reaction to the circumstances, that is to say that we can withstand any disaster and impose on it that we are stronger than we think because the misery we have not to suffer for what torments us but not be able to bear it.

In summary we have in how many verses infallible when dealing with these concerns:

For the evils of the world

there may or may not be remedies

If there are any, go look for them and,
if not, do not be foolish

So we do not gain anything to worry about, we'll just do it if we cooperate with the inevitable

I hope you liked this kind of information. We'll see you in the next one. : D


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