Disgust with Disqus

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Today I received the following email from “Disqus Publisher Success “:

Thank you for using Disqus, we appreciate you choosing us for your commenting solution! You are currently using our Basic plan, which is free to use and supported by advertising. We are writing to you today to let you know that your site, moreequalanimals has been disqualified for advertising with Disqus.

We have subscription options that include the ability to remove advertising. You can review these options from your Subscription and Billing page.

If you have any questions about subscription plans please reply to this email.

And so it begins. Disqus has taken the first step to banning my blog from their normally free service. They now want me to pay them money because they don’t like my content.

Here is their policy for their free service:

The Basic package does allow a site to use the Disqus service for free, but does not necessarily mean that they earn revenue from the ads being shown.

Not only that, I should still qualify for their ad free services.

For personal blogs, .edu sites, non-profits, and small sites that do not run other advertising, Disqus advertising is optional. If you are a small, non-commercial site, you are eligible for a free subscription to our Plus plan.

I have asked for this free service and so far the comment section seems to be working. Time will tell. One thing is certain they are not going to get a dime from me.

I feel honored to be “demonetized” and have renewed urgency to integrate a public blockchain based solution.

The way things are going, voice better get off of aws and google or I won’t be able to post my nonviolent, pro-true-democracy content.

I was planning on selling my book through Amazon and Apple, but I’m thinking of giving it away rather than letting these companies take a cut.

I hope voice has what it takes to protect the community from google and Amazon rather than comply with their censorship standards.


We've built a Hive based competitor with @exxp that not o ly provides a comment section with Hive-logins, but also stores the blog on Hive with options to restore it later.

Available in the WordPress plugin store here : https://wordpress.org/plugins/exxp-wp/

Still the most promising but under appreciated tool to onboard large numbers of users and content.

@fredrikaa, are there any marketing plans in place to show people the amazing tool that you have built for them to use?
I can't see why anybody with a WordPress blog wouldn't use your plugin if they were given a proper education on its benifits.

You seem to know what Disqus is, many (including myself) did not. Essentially a comment section service: https://help.disqus.com/en/articles/1717053-what-is-disqus

Am waiting for a service to (help) setup Wordpress websites including EXXP for all those (like myself) who know there ways around almost everything, but not technical or engineer enough to setup our own wordpress environment. Is that something you can add to EXXP?

No idea what Disqus is. I personally try to have one foot in an "alternative" like Hive and one foot in the "traditional" world, with all my weight on the former, ready for them to deplatform me or become useless at any time. This is just in order to reach some people who don't know that these alternatives exists...sometimes there are too many and it's very time consuming to figure out which ones are closer and which are further from ideal.

We can only work with what we have in front of us and try to create something better. I wouldn't judge you for selling anything on Amazon, long as you were active outside of those dirty channels.

Looking forward to your future work, don't let the world get you down!

Seems very true how things will turn out. What's stopping you from creating something amazing on hive?

I feel you, I know this will not keep you from pursuing something you believe. Looking forward to your next project.

I have never heard about Disqus. But one thing is clear: HIVE is the best place for blogginb/vlogging/etc.! So, weclome!

You can use Hive as your commenting platform on other sites like Wordpress and maybe others.

@brianoflondon knows how.

Ditch Disqus!

Its Disqusting. :-)

hey man :)

so you truly left EOS?
what happened with Block.One? And all the big amounts of cash which were dumped directly into BTC?
Can't you sell 0,01 of those and pay for everything you need. especially this technical shit..

I don't know what disqus is.. but why dont you own ur own servers?
money shouldnt be a problem.

have fun and welcome back to hive.

How disgusting that you have been banned from Disqus, although I have no idea what that is.

It is just something disgusting.

High regards for your recent "Demonization" thru disqus.
And Higher regards for building a GREAT option to use in these times.
Steem forking to HIVE, and then you Return to actually Use this Chain and
exemplify exactly why it was needed in the first place.

It's crazy how fragile our online presence really is once it gets attacked. Most of the users here already know the value of a hive account and it's protections but a lot more are seeing the need for new solutions after 2020.

The only question is what can we build on hive to entice all of these people to operate on the blockchain. We already have solutions to backup WordPress content with exxp.io.

We have blogging and video so the next step imo should be Immutable and tokenised communities. Ones based on hive that can't be deleted and where people can group together over similar interests.

Sports.hive site

Or whatever people would like to create a community for. Tools for anybody to spend 100hbd and get a decentralised domain that they can customize to suit their needs. With ad revenue, onboarding options, marketplace and a working token economy ready to go.

That is where the future lies.

Have you looked into gumroad for your book? I'm not sure if they are in on the virtue signaling like the other solutions.

Interesting you talk about EOS (previous posts) and Voice (this post) while the later is more against the whole concept of decentralisation (with its KYC), knowing you post to better decentralised chain (hence community/social network) then those you talk about. Just an obsarvation I find quite funny 🤣🤣🤣

Hey @dan. What about https://posativ.org/isso/? An alternative, privacy-first, opensource solution to Disqus that can be enhanced to work with the blockchain. I am curious to know your ideas about how the perfect Disqus should look like. I might also get as far as implementing it. Get in touch on Discord if you'd like to discuss this further @geido#6463

Your blog sucks balls.