MYRIANODE Token on Hive Blockchain 1st Dividend Paid!

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🚀 Exciting News for MYRIANODE Token Holders! 🚀

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Myria Nodes are taking the ETH universe by storm with their groundbreaking 0 fee ETH Layer 2 (L2) gaming blockchain.

Amidst the recent market fluctuations, much like Hive, Myria remains one of the most active and dynamically evolving L2 projects in the industry!

💰 Steady Rewards and New Opportunities 💰

As proud node operators and holders, we've been hard at work, reaping the rewards in HIVE via $MYRIA token earnings. Despite a slight dip in the $MYRIA price, the project has stayed resilient during the consolidation period. Now, with the possibility of a new bull market, the cards are stacked in our favor, making this an opportunity worth exploring!

🔧 Efficient Management 🔧

To ensure smooth operations, they have allocated a management fee that currently stands at around 20% of the rewards. The good news is that this fee may decrease over time as the token price fluctuates. Over the past few months, the project has required zero time for updates and upgrades, making it even more promising for future scaling.

💼 Consolidating for Cost Savings 💼

As part of the ongoing efforts to optimize costs, they considered consolidating our accounts to reduce ETH gas fees. While the current update doesn't allow them to proceed just yet, I am eagerly awaiting the next future update that will make this possible. Once implemented, this move will save us substantial fees, making the project even more cost-effective.

🌐 Embracing the Wider Crypto World 🌐

To enhance accessibility and liquidity, the team chose LTC for distribution as it boasts widespread availability and low transaction fees on centralized exchanges. Despite the slight inconvenience of a 0.75% hive-engine withdraw fee, it remains the most economical way to transfer dividends onto the chain.

💸 Distribution Time! 💸

I am thrilled to announce that they have successfully distributed 1279 HIVE to the MYRIANODE token holders! (I just regret not having more) As the project gains traction, I expect dividends to grow further. Hold onto your tokens and consider running a node to maximize your earnings, as special NFT rewards and governance participation await you in the future!

🔥 MYRIANODE Tokens: Your Gateway to Rewards! 🔥

This project is LIVE and HOT, so buckle up for an exhilarating journey. The MYRIANODE tokens are your gateway to an ever-expanding universe of rewards and opportunities. Stay invested, stay engaged, and watch your dividends soar. The future is bright for MYRIANODE, and you don't want to miss out on this thrilling ride! 🚀🌟

🗳️ A Call for Governance and Strategic Decision-making 🗳️

As an enthusiastic MYRIANODE token holder, I want to make it clear that I am an independent investor and not officially affiliated with the team. However, I have been actively engaging with @ecoinstant, bombarding him with questions.

Now, here's an exciting proposition: What if we consider a democratic vote, led by @abrockman, to hold off on cashing out the next batch or two of MYRIA tokens? By patiently waiting for a price pump, we can offer all token holders the opportunity to enjoy significantly higher rewards compared to cashing out during a temporary dip in the token price.

This strategic decision, backed by the collective wisdom of the community, could yield remarkable benefits for everyone involved. It would ensure that we optimize our returns and make the most of the market dynamics.

Let's leverage our collective power, voice our ideas, and actively participate in shaping the future of MYRIANODE. Together, we can create a stronger, more prosperous ecosystem that rewards its loyal holders and unlocks the full potential of this groundbreaking project.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements regarding governance participation. Your voice matters, and together, we can take MYRIANODE to new heights of success! 🚀💪

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This is a very great one but I just hope that they co tinue to do it this way

For me it's not important to wait for a better price because we are in a beginning bull market. I swap most dividend tokens into btc because btc will rise faster than altcoins (in the beginning bullrun).
Waiting for a higher myria price doesn't always mean that we will get more hive as a reward if the hive price rises as well. Maybe hive rises more than myria which will reduce the rewards in the end.
So just for me it's the smartest to just send the rewards and then everybody can use them as they like.

And the myrianode token was created so that ppl can get rewards from the nodes. If someone wants to reinvest these rewards or hope for a higher price they can always use the rewards after receiving them.

And we shouldn't make it too complicated

true, maybe i will re-think this to not state to wait yet every period that we withdraw it aims towards pumps instead of an exact date and time / schedule... like cashing out yesterday when MYRIA was up 20% would be a nice day to convert as it is back -4% today so far. MYRIA is a pretty early and volatile token which helps this, likely eco may already do it.

This is a very interesting idea! I would love to hear the opinions of other top holders such as @dera123 @bobthebuilder2 and @synergized!


Dear @ecoinstant, you just got hugged.
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