It's been a long time...

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...since i posted here on hive! The reason why i was away that long is that my PC got crashed by a surge on the power grid. So i had to get me a new one. In the course of ordering and waiting for the build and delivery, i also started a makeover on my home studio.

As i wanted to reorganize my work environment since a long time, but never managed to find the time, 'caus there's always something else to do, this forced break gave me the time. So everything got it's upside too ;)

Due to the circumstances i am mostly at home office at the moment, so i also made a proper office area for that too.

But it wasn't only a makeover, it turned out to be the most extensive spring clean i had ever done :D

So this is what my rehearsing room looks like now

and this is the new home studio part

Here's a shot from during the rebuilt

and the reorganized storage area. This is mostly the stage and lights stuff you see

I have to say, i am really satisfied with the out coming of the rebuilt, and there only minor things left to do, like configuration of the PC and the Software.

I really can't wait to resume work on my EP 'Handpicked by the night', that got interrupted by this incident.

Stay safe and well Folks, and read you later


That's cool. Having your own space for music makes life easier and getting it organised saves time. I think we all have lots of gear that needs a home.

Have fun there.


Thx, I do enjoy my 'creative' space
Most of the storage area are light's and 'relics' of the ol' live times, LOL



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