Monkey does DIY

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Always up for a little climbing and using my opposable thumbs.

When I was a little kid I’m pretty sure me and my sis spend more time up on trees and roofs than on the stable ground. With aging and a bit more survival instinct, I’ve become a little more of a pussy when it comes to climbing, but only when it comes to heights that you’ll at least break an ankle if you fall/jump.

Going up a meter or two and balancing on a narrow pipe thingy to paint window sills is nothing to me. Quite fun actually.

Most of our windows have grey outlines that I don’t like and traditionally these kind of windows in an old house are all white. The windows are pretty high so we have to buy bigger latters to get to them but I managed to do a trial on the porch window and one of the side windows by using the latters that go up to the roof.

I’ve been loving the hot weather that came back so I can be half nakie while I do some little tasks outside. We’ll see how much we can get done before autumn storms catch onto us.



Parkour decorator and a ninja photographer all in one post. By the way, you make for a very pretty hanging basket, and with the use of your opposable thumbs you’re a cheeky monkey too 😀

Hanging basket? You calling me a basket case!? 🙃

You’re standing 10 meters in the air balancing on an thin bar in your bikini, so in a nice way, yes I am 😉

Ninja cat 😍

I dislike cats.

what's your favorite animal you would identify with? ninja monkey?

Humans are animals, best not to forget that.

true, my saying

Damn! That is my only response :)

Also this is for sure some content fit for Liketu. Would love to see you over there, you can use your current Hive account.

Thanks but I really can’t be bothered to use another social platform, Hive and PeakD is more than enough.