Catching mice!!!

in #diy6 years ago

Today me and the kids did a little DIY 20180930_180358.jpg
We have some mice in our garage and this is our DIY humane mouse trap. al you need is a bottle, some caps, a pen, cardboard, some can lids and ofcourse a hot glue gun. Paste it al together, a little peanutbutter inside of the bottle, put it in place and just wait for it.20180930_192025 1.jpg
Just half an hour later... BINGO!!! first mouse trapped in the bottle, took a walk to the forrest and released the little guy. I placed the bottle back again to see if there where more... and an hour later the second mouse got trapped.

most efficient mouse trap ever.


that's a good way of solving a problem and the kids had fun.

Glad you realeased him!

we catched and released 4 mice already, trap works perfect.