My frankenminer finally running

in #diy6 years ago (edited)

Here's my DIY frame.
When I was at the book store I found a feather between some cryptocurrency books, so I took it home and taped it an the miner (for good luck).

Check out my cool powerbutton.

After some long nights of tweaking the bios, overclocking, and undervolting I get the hashrate from 500 h/s "stock" to 650 h/s on xmr stak.
I got to keep tweaking cause I know I got to get 800 h/s out of it.

Now I have to wait till christmas for my 2nd gpu 🎅🤣


Gefeliciteerd je hebt 100 DP delegation gekregen voor 4 weken dat maakt het hele steemit feest een beetje makkelijker .

wauw, super bedankt. zullen we goed gebruik van maken.

Gaaf he , hoe bevalt het steemit-en?

Haha love it, did you follow a guide for the case? Looks like it can be built from local hardware store parts.

haha that's exactly what I did, hardware shop 20$, if you look for the cheapest frame online it's 70$. didn't have a guide though, just some trail and error.


If you ever take it apart please measure and post quantities. Id love to build one!

Yeah the miner rigs are way overpriced for stamped metal. I think yours is probably stronger too.

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