Oh wow! Look what we bought! It's a real fixer upper!!

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Omgosh everyone... You'll never believe what Doug and I did yesterday. We bought a camper!

I don't want to get into too much back story but the house we've been renting over the past 10 years was recently sold without our knowledge. Yes, it was theirs to sell but I'd always thought I'd get a chance to buy it. We were very upset to say the least...

Anyways, recently bought a van and have thought about vanlife... But with the current job Doug has we need a bit more room than our van can provide. But it'll do for now tho should we need it..

We came across a 38tbs Coachman cascade dlx. It needs a lot of work! Doug and I are both excited and nervous about the remodel! It's a real fixer upper!! But we only paid $500 AND they delivered it to my son's house 20 miles away for us. (Our van max pull is 3500) So it was very helpful He was able to pull it for us.

Anyways, this is the beginning of our project and wanted to share with everyone.

A quick tour...


Just inside front door there's a soft spot in the floor.



The front bedroom far as we know doesn't leak. It does have a wet spot in the corner but that's actually coming from the slide out in the living room. The floor doesn't feel soft yet... So our first project will be stopping the rain from getting in and drying it out.



The slide out is gonna be our first repair. We're considering removing the slide out and just walling it in. It's only Doug and I so we don't need whole lots of room.
Once we get it from raining in...I believe we're going to start in the end bedroom and work our way back to the front bedroom. Completely gutting it. Or maybe mostly gutting lol. We will reuse what we can cuz umm we're broke 🤦🤣

Anyways, to compensate for deleting the slideout we're going to open up the front room once the other room is completed.

We don't know if any of the appliances work or if anything has electrical issues. Lol I do know the taillights work!





Bathroom doesn't seem too major... Far as we know.


This bedroom needs a window (or 2)



We're excited and nervous. We've never remodeled anything like this before. And it's a huge project. But as my momma always told me...
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!! And we'll tackle it one project at a time🥰

That's about it for today.. below I'm going to list any and all cost repairs so I can keep tract of spending.

Running total to date:
500.00 camper including hauling and set up.