DIY Tractor Canopy, Day 1

in #diy5 years ago

Today, I took some more measurements relating to the tractor canopy project, mostly of the raw material I'm going to use to construct the frame. Since I'm going to draw up a virtual model in Autodesk Inventor, then create a set of drawings as well as a bill of materials, just to show how that is done, I need to know certain details that wouldn't otherwise be necessary for a metalworking project this simple. Furthermore, I forgot to mention something very important in my last post: the cost is only half the reason I'm doing this myself. The other half is that nearly every commercially available canopy mounts to the top of the roll-bar and sticks up a few inches. Since I already have almost no clearance between the top of the roll-bar and the garage door, I need a canopy that doesn't add any height to the tractor whatsoever. In fact, I've already destroyed the bottom of the garage door once when backing out, since it wasn't all the way up at the time.

Here are some zero-effort sketches of what this thing will look like:
Tractor canopy 1.png
Tractor canopy 2.png

The canvas cover will probably be more extensive than pictured, but that won't affect the construction of the frame. In fact, I'll probably spend more time on the cover than the frame. Yes, I can sew, too.

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