My Next Project

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I need to put a canopy on my tractor to keep the sun off while I'm working. However, such things aren't cheap, so I'm going to make my own. Today, I took some measurements of the roll-bar and drew it up in Autodesk Inventor, which I'm going to use to design the canopy frame. I plan on making another video CAD tutorial of this project, as well as documenting the actual fabrication of the frame and (most likely canvas) canopy.


The entire canopy is going to mounted to the roll-bar. No modifications need to be made to any part of the tractor for this.

This is about where the top of my head would be, therefore I want to mount the canopy higher than that. Since it's well below the beginning of the bend, I will use the bend itself as my reference location.

If this picture makes no sense, rotate it 90 degrees clockwise. This is how I measured the angle that the roll-bar tilts back. There are protractors with levels built in, but I don't have one.

Finally, here is the virtual roll-bar. I don't need the whole thing, just enough to make sure my assembly will work:
Yanmar rollbar mock-up.PNG

Depending on how long my video recording of the design process is, I may upload it separately. I expect it to be about 15 minutes, the same as my shorter CAD tutorials, such as the Blender ship chain or the JN-2 suspension exchange, but the addition of the drafting and bill-of-materials creation may run into a fair bit more time, depending on how complicated this thing ends up being.

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