I finally finished it!

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This latch hook project may not look like much, but it's a huge milestone for me.

You see, I have ADHD, which apparently means a lot of unfinished projects in my life. But I only learned of ADHD for myself, about 2.5 months ago, about a month before my 40th birthday. It's been empowering, realizing it isn't just laziness but but rather a brain functional challenge. To others, that might not seem to make a difference, but apparently to my brain, it does.

This latch hook project was started around 30 years ago. It has resided, unfinished, in 3 different states (ND, CA, and WA). Traveled thru even more states. Most of that time, untouched.

The upper left quadrant (approximately) was unfinished for probably 25-30 years.

But...I FINALLY FINISHED IT. Tonight, I finished it

Take that, ADHD!!

This will find a home on my craft studio wall, as a monument to the fact that I CAN finish old projects. I just need to decide that it's my goal, and I can do it. May sound easy, but it's not as easy as it sounds.


Hurray for finished projects! I know several people who did not realize they had a learning disability until later in life. It's nice to know why one's brain works the way it does.

The unfinished projects in my closet are there because I need help from someone who actually understands how to do them. There's a small shelf for knick-knacks that needs to be painted or stained, and some fancy Christmas ornaments to assemble, and probably more that I can't think of just now.

I am struggling to get back to many other projects 😳 I think the ADHD has me bouncing around so much that I don't stick with any one thing long enough. Trying to fix that...sort of...not sure how actually but I want to 😜

Some people swear by medication, but I'd be reluctant to go that route. Supposedly one can make some dietary changes that can help. Not sure of the details. You've probably already investigated that, anyway.

Oh! It turned out so beautifully!

And your story hit so close to home. I have a carousel horse latch hook project that I have been working on for, er, 4 decades....lol! You are an ADHD conquering inspiration! Congrats😊


Join me, find it and finish it!

I "found more time" by realizing my hands want ro be busy when we watch tv...which used to mean scrolling FB. Upon re-finding this project again, that has instead kept my hands busy. 😁


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