Reading Buttons with a Microcontroller

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Here's a first quick tutorial on how to read buttons using a microcontroller.

Feedback (both negative and positive) is greatly appreciated, this is my very first video.

Thank you to @tibfox for the idea to make some videos.

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Thank you for making the blockchain more interesting with your content!

Absolutely cool video and sound quality mate!

What mobile phone are you using?

Really cool that you have done this :)
I am super happy that you gave it a try and in my opinion this is just awesome!

I am impressed by your English and the well planed structure of your video man. This is really #awesomediycontent :)

Pretty cool that you show the circuit plan, explained how it is developed and how the whole stuff is working.

Super cool! Please keep it going :)

I have not a single negative feedback!
Just a tipp if you don't know it already: share your steemit article within the promotion channel if the official dtube discord. That increases the chance to get a upvote of @dtube.

Thanks for sharing this!



Thanks for the praise! :D

I have a (now rather old) Xperia Z5. Seems to hold up pretty well though.

the qualty is really nice :) I think you could have an even better image if you brighten up the light situation so the camera can record with lower ISO and higher shutter speed. But yeah not rly necessary because of the good quality yet.\n\nPosted using Partiko Android

I'll give that a try next time, thanks. :)