Cheap Clay Saga: Strawberry Rabbit

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This was done a few weeks ago when I was still doing the night shifts. Tomorrow, I will be doing another night shift but it won't be as extensive as it is.

I think that its way about time that I start using the word " cheap clay saga" to describe all the creations that I had been making lately. It is truly a challenge to do it as I either spend more time conditioning( cause the clay gets super hard) or attempting to figure out how to "harden" it a bit.

There is also the issue of the clay sticking to everything- from our carpets to my clothes, socks, and shoes. Its really very frustrating. A part of me wanted to throw the rest of my stock away. But, I am a cheapskate. This is just a hobby- not my livelihood so, I think I can be more lenient with the materials.

To start with the project, I got a wire. Then covered it with clay. I can wrap the whole thing with aluminum paper to make it look bigger but, I decided not to.

Since this is a very sticky clay- I am talking about the blue one- that would eventually become the rabbit, I have decided to do the details. Yes. The fur was basically a way for me to cover up my fingerprints on everything.

Here's another look from another angle.


If you look a little closer, you will notice that the leg is a lopsided. Its because despite all my efforts( flash froze the clay, added baking powder, put in reinforcements), it just did not work. So, I left it as it is.

The arms are also challenging to make as they stuck to everything.


Finally, I just decided to probably bake the whole thing and then see if I can make it work. Here is the back part.


You guys are aware that I have a stock of clay canes. Here is one of them.


I did make a bit of an accessory for my bunny. The original plan was to add as much as I can on the creation. But since I am already having issues with everything, I have decided to just keep it simple.


Front view.


A closer look....


So this is the fully cured piece. I do not know how I feel about it- proud that I was able to make something from a very challenging material. Disappointed that I would have wanted to add some more elements but, I am unable to.





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Very lovely handmade work👍🏽
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Thanks for the feedback

Aha that looks beautiful, thanks for sharing have a great day and week ahead 🌹.

!giphy great
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thank you very much for yoursupport!

You are welcome 🤗

aha that looks great, thanks for sharing you are so talented.

thanks for all your support. I try my best to contribute in our community- for someone to learn.


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