Chibi from my porcelain clay

in #diyhub5 months ago

So this is the chibi doll I made from the porcelain clay I made. I know that I have a lot of back posts as the internet connection here is very sketchy.
Anyway, this is how I stored my clay. I stored the clay in a dispossable plastic container.

I blended the clay until I get the desired colour.

Then I used the wire reinforcement to ensure that my chibi will stay in form.

Finishing the details....

I was not really ambitious on this project as this is a "test" on my clay. I just wanted to make sure that my clay will work the way I intended it.

I used the cutting tool for the hair detail.

Here is the final look. This is not the fully cured version.

In the end, what I wanted to say with all my DIY air dry clay is that, it does not really matter where you are. Everything else will fall into place as long as you possess the proper knowledge and skills.