Cold Porcelain-second attempt

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So I made some cold porcelain right after I have finally settled back home. My experience in the Philippines was that, I got something really cheap, remarkable and very environmental friendly. Also, I would like to experiment with it further and see if I could finally use this as the main material for my clay business someday.

Unfortunately, it took quite awhile for it to dry cure. Even while I am making this post, everything is still wet/ not fully dry in my improvised drying rack.


Since I had been obsessed in making clay bags lately, I decided to make one just now.

I have a clay texture mold here so I used it.

A closer look.


This is how I store my clay here. Yes. These used to be air dry clay containers. I re purposed it.

I used my cookie cutter to shape the perfect square.


Then I used the textured clay to create the walls of the bag.


I made a pear shape figure to add as a body. Details not needed as it will not be seen in the final product.


Put it inside the bag.


This is the initial look.


Fold the sides.



Then finish making the head then add the final details.





As you guys can see I did not add the handle of the bag until the end as I want it to look naturally. Besides, this is still a work in progress as I need to add the color when this piece will finally be cured.

This had been my frustration in the past week as I felt that I had not been able to make any post. I would have wanted it to be about these. Unfortunately, I can't wait forever. I would probably just post about it as soon as I get everything done- no time frame as I do not know how long it will take.