Being Single Is A Vibe, So Let's Stop Treating It Like It's Purgatory

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I think I can relate to what this woman writes about, except maybe I'm not sure I love being in a relationship. I really do like being single. I tell women I'm dating that I'm not looking for a relationship but they always seem to be sure the right person will eventually come along. Which is the right person? The one who decides they're in love with me and I should therefore change my mind about being single?

I think I want to date multiple people mainly to prevent this from happening due to assuming I'm also in love. I don't know if I'd really be right for poly relationships, even though people will often say I'm poly simply because I'm dating multiple women. What's wrong with just being single?

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Stay single as long as you are happy! coz happiness doesn't count by having a partner. Take your time!

Thank you for the understanding! Yes I'm happy alone. I feel like the dating apps don't accomodate this sometimes.

If we're not careful enough, using dating apps to know someone could be bad. Hello! we're dating a stranger 😰

I like this. Being single is a vibe not purgatory.

Totally. I used to think there was something wrong with me but now I've embraced it.