The NFL Hot Seat: Sean McVay ran out of magic, and Jared Goff isn't helping

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It is a fast fall from hero to the hot seat.  Sean McVay was the heralded hero of the NFL coaching ranks.  Young, smart, and creative, he ascended quickly to a Super Bowl appearance.

The fall has been fast.  He is now on the hot seat as his Rams' team is having an under achieving season.  Jared Goff is not helping the situation at all.

In the game against the Steelers on Sunday, it was evident that McVay's magic is gone.  It was boiled down to two plays, ones that did not work out for the Rams.

Novelty often has a bit of success in the NFL.  A decade ago it was the Wildcat offense that was all the rage in the NFL.  

If McVay cannot get things back on track, it means he will be just another flash in the pan coach.

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