[DLIVE] Unreal Engine 4 // MMORPG Project //

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Hello everyone,
This stream is going to be a little different today. I've been working on this MMORPG Project for a little under a month now. I have gotten a ton of progress done, and I'll be sharing that with all of you today. This is still the very..very...very early developement stage, so keep that in mind while observing. I hope you all enjoy :D

Computer Specs:
Inspiron 5680 With:
460W PowerSupply
8Gb DDR4 Ram
Intel I7 8700k
256 GB SSD Hard Drive
1 TB HardDrive

Daily:Times Vary throughout the day, When available <3

DUnite Discord: discord.gg/b46WJ9a
SteemGC Discord: discord.gg/vPTuQpa

Enjoy! :)

My live stream is at DLive


Awesome, I'll be doing some Unreal streams too! I'll be checking up on you how your game goes :)