[DLive] OSRS // IRONMAN // Road2Max Ep.42

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We are back at it Dlive! Bringing you Dlive's Exclusive Oldschool Runescape content,
We are going to be playing on our Ironman account we are so close to 1400 Total level! that is a huge milestone, especially since we haven't even started our runecrafting skill yet! Join in on the crazy XP Gains and hang out,

For those of you that don't know what Runescape is, it is an MMORPG that was created back in 2001,
and has progressively been updated, and has turned into a massive game with thousands of hours of content.
The game had continued to be updated and many say it was for the worst.
Many people quit after the EOC/Runescape 3 Graphical and Combat style overhaul.
Jagex (Game company) then decided the community wanted the game how it used to be before all of the updates.
In 2014, they released this version of the game, Oldschool Runescape. Ever since the release of this version of the game,
it has almost become the main servers for the game, as it is the most popular.

IRONMAN MODE: Ironman mode is an account type which you can turn your character into a singleplayer mode type account.
No trading with players(trading is a huge part of the game) No interaction with other players, except for talking.
These accounts must self produce everything they need in the game.

Computer Specs:
Inspiron 5680 With:
460W PowerSupply
8Gb DDR4 Ram
Intel I7 8700k
256 GB SSD Hard Drive
1 TB HardDrive

Daily:Times Vary throughout the day, When available <3

DUnite Discord: discord.gg/b46WJ9a
SteemGC Discord: discord.gg/vPTuQpa

Enjoy! :)

My live stream is at DLive