Dlive - The long-awaited "International Steemit Music Video"

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Finally, after more than 3 weeks of waiting, we’re finally done with our International Steemit Music Video. My apologies for taking quite some time for I needed to wait for some more people to submit their videos. And wow, it was definitely not easy to put together those video clips into one final product. It tested my video editing skills. LOL. Since I had to match tunes and voices, there were 3 contributions that I was not able to include. I hope you would not mind.

I noticed when I was doing this music video, I felt something different. Almost all who contributed had hearts to help those in need. I hope you will never change.

Watch the video to find out who they are….


I would like to thank everyone who joined the Steemit International Music video, for taking time to record yourself and for putting your hearts and emotions into it. I commend you all.

This music video is dedicated to all children all over the world, especially those victims of war and abuse.

I intend to spread this music video, to get seen all over the globe- - both to give inspiration and to promote the steemit platform. We know very well how steemit.com can move mountains and help a lot of people in many ways we can only see on this platform.

I also intend to spend my 1-month annual vacation into promoting steemit.com. I hope to be able to fly home to the Philippines and visit 3 big public schools in my place.

Here in the UAE, we also have some projects upcoming during this month of Ramadan which will also focus on promoting steemit and steemph.uae. Of course, I should not fail to mention that I would like to group together as much steemians in the UAE. We already have a Filipino Steemit organization here in the UAE, @steemph.uae but ultimately, I would like to build a group for every UAE based steemians.

I know I cannot do all these alone, so I will also need your support.

All of us have different reasons why we are here at steemit. For me, I realized that it is to give hope to the needy, give them the inspiration to share their experiences, knowledge, and emotions so others can learn from them.

These are just some of my plans and objectives here at steemit and I hope to deliver them.

For those who can't open Dlive due to slow internet, you can watch on Youtube

For the other charity work foundation who help people

  • YouAreHOPE

    brings Help, Opportunity, Purpose & Empowerment to disadvantaged people worldwide via our Agents of HOPE, in-country steemitizens themselves, who work as our boots on the ground to deliver food, water, clothing, medical care & medication, education, minor building and facility repairs and construction & more with the help of our generous community & the border-less power of the STEEM cryptocurrency on and across the transparent STEEM blockchain. @youarehope was founded by Steem Witness @SirCork of the USA and his co-founding partner @malos10 of Venezuela on World Food Day in October 2017 and has since delivered direct results in more than a dozen countries, touching nearly two thousand children's and adult's lives with much needed fundamental assistance and services.

  • Family Protection

    @markwhittam, started @familyprotection he grew up in the care of CPS and then many years later @markwhittam and his family had to flee their country under threats from the state to take their child because they do homeschool.

    Linda, @canadian-coconut, started @familyprotection because she has helped several families who have been torn apart at the hands of the legal kidnappers aka. Child Protection Services.

    WITNESS that I know well who help the community:




    And to cast your votes, click here!

    SteemPH banner by @deveerei

    My video is at DLive


aweee.. that is so beautiful.. i LOVE it how you didnt just use professional singers.. so authentic and from the heart.. nice one kenny!!!

Indeed! They sing from the heart... 😇

For this DLive, there is a problem in Image... You can click the THUMBNAILS to redirect to the main site...

this is soo beautifully done!!! its amazing!! thanks for such hard work!! i will resteem this now!

It was VIRAL... And this is just the beginning... Thank you so much for your wonderful participation! And you are so cute and beautiful! (^_^) My wife feels jealous to your beautiful voice! Hahahaha...

Wow, ganda!

Congrats @kennyroy ! Great initiative! Maybe at some moment try to find musicians who could gather and compose something for a cause ... expecially those from steemit platform that are here already ... wa sjust a thought. Meanwhile enjoy my Art/Music. Regards.


All the best!

We will do that... After a month I will gather and make a plan for that. But as of now, we will finish our project here in UAE for the Overseas Workers.

Thanks, @luciannagy!

This sounds cool @kenyroy! Let's stay in touch then and follow/resteem our artworks in the Future. Wish you all the best @kennyroy. Looking forward to see how it will be your next musical video. Regards.


Kenny this is lovely! Your editing is vey nice

Awhile back I proposed to #thealliance to do something like this, but we never did, especially since anomadsoul came out wih his version 🤣

Thank you for the Youtube limk, very thoughtful of you. I cannot view dtube nor dlive, which sucks 😁


(^_^) I intend to upload in Youtube because I know this will happen and at the same time will share on the other platform.

Good luck to your projects and to your success. I hope many will see the potential steemit has and that they are willing to put the hard work to make it big here.

In God's will @leeart!

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That was AWESOME!

I love that Steemit is so diverse and world wide and see how far it stretches really is inspiring.

Thanks to all those who participated and to the people who dreamed up the idea and then finally made it happen.

Really is just so humbling..

Yup! trending in our heart and viral in our ears... LSS... I hope to reach more people to help those in need using steemit! I am very thankful to those people who gave their time to record their self to participate in this International Steemit Music Video.