Seven suns

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Seven suns healing circle.
surreal motive derived from 3d fractal, 3D-spherical in cinema 4d and some layered retouching.

it is a refined variant from previous test with refined poles.

Also working on last few pieces for the big onlineart collaborative collection release. Eloh (overpaint/merge), @Naturalwarp (refine360°´s), @theElephai (editing/soundmix) and @barbaraBezina (white lines overlay) collaborations are still unfinished. I will get there.

Elephai x elgeko **Alien Macarena in Illuminatiland **

View in VR @


aliens dancers, nice job.

thank you.

Nice and beautiful. Is this painting work?

the first one is a combination of fractal rendering using mandelbulb3d and digital paint retouching, the second is fully 3D.