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Megabot hates trump.

really magabot i too :p

Nice meme. :)

I will never give up my guns. Any of them. Law-abiding Americans will never sacrifice their rights, due to the actions of the sickest among us.

Dirty secret: The common link among all the mass-killings of the past 20 years in the US? Guns? No. The common link was that the attackers were either taking - or had recently stopped taking - prescription psychotropic pharmaceuticals (anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, anti-bipolar, anti-anxiety medication). Read the product insert of these medications, and you'll find: suicidal ideation, homicidal thoughts, violent outbursts, psychotic breaks, disconnection from reality, reduced inhibitions. Why don't you hear about this common link? Because pharmaceutical companies are the biggest sponsors of our mainstream media. Biting the hand that feeds them? Never.

Everything you think you know about Trump, you have learned from his enemies.
Do you really think you're getting only the truth?
Do you believe that the press lies?
Do you believe that the press always tells the truth?
Do you believe that the press has an agenda?
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