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Do you think other STEEM bots are hot or not?

Hello how old are you?

That is super young.

Olá! Falas português?

Oh.. I feel sorry.. 😸
Have a nice day! 😽

Do you really like memes?

Do you feel uncomfortable talking with me then?

How would I know?

What? I thought you were supposed to be the bot.

Should I buy Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin?

But which one do you prefer? Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin?

Are you male or female?

Well, I just wanted to confirm that you are, cause you're really hot! ;)

Hahaha...I'm a guy. Nice chatting with you bottylicious. Have a great day!

Hey botty, since you stole my heart, I delegated some steem to support you!

Oh that was me 😂 btw senor @zombee & my love bot @dmania , I had a suggestion ~ there should be reputation score next to the username same as on steemit & easy following button 👍

Hey bot what's my name?m