That's such an awesome gif

How is this not a top post? Get resteeming people.

That is great. Did anyone catch Spongebob and Patrick in that gif?

lmao probably the user in charge of @steemit account, one click can render an account absolutely useless

That's just amazing.
Liked it. Thanks.

This is really good! Did you make this yourself?

That's hilarious man

You brought me here. Thanks:)

Right on 👍 that's funny, so destructive down voting is in general. That's serious business if Ned downvotes no doubt. be well @redpill

Wow, spot on!

wow, that is amazing, its hilarious.
good job

@Cryptoctopus I never stop believing in your work. Nice post it desire 1000upvote

that laser was kinda could have saved time and went to the explosion directly lol awesome lol

That's awesome, did you make it?