dNations - Looking for developers to help work on this project! Resteem for 50 DNB!

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What is dNations?

dNations is a game that I am in the process of developing. The game is very strategical as you build up your nation, protect it, and attack others to loot some items. If you would like to see a similar game, the only one I can think of is https://cybernations.net/ . dNations will be similar to that, but a lot more in-depth and modern.

Most of the assets featured in dNations will be issued via a blockchain. This gives players the potential to earn some crypto by buying, selling, and/or trading these digital assets. Because they are unique and because some are finite in supply, this should create a market (we will have a buy/sell/trade market built-in).

How can I contribute?

Currently, the only way to contribute is by either donating or delegating Steem/Steem Power to me. Users that donate and delegate will receive Bullion (Abbreviated DNB, it's dNations main currency).

But, if you would like to help out with coding or graphic design, get in touch with me on the Prosper Group's Discord server: https://discord.gg/6nE2h8N The code will not be available on GitHub until I'm ready to launch the beta version of the game. If you contribute code or graphics to the project, you will also be rewarded with our Bullion tokens.

We are looking for a graphic designer and a front-end/react or vue developer. IF this is you, please reach out to me on the Discord channel!

Where can I get dNations tokens?

As of now, the only way to earn DBT is to complete actions on the Steem blockchain such as resteeming this post or by delegating Steem Power to @treepi (delegators earn a recurring amount of DNB based on curation rewards).

The token distribution bot is not active yet, but once activated you will receive a transaction for 0.001 Steem from me that will notify you of your balance. This is simply to save server resources until they're needed as I still have a long road ahead in the development of this project.

Soon an exchange will be made available to convert various coins into DNB.

What's next?

Thank you for reading! I am going to keep working on the game and will be posting updates here.

This game is in the very early stages of development. I am looking for someone to help with both coding and graphic design. If you are interested, please contact me ASAP with a short resume! Also, anyone that works on this project will be compensated in our DNB (dNations Bullion) token.

We have a website and whitepaper being worked on right now as well.

Thanks again!

Support My Endeavors

I am currently building a DApp, web tools, and other blockchain utilities. Any donations help me pay for resources I need like web hosting, domains, advertising, etc. Right now I'm working alone and I am funding everything myself. So, any little bit helps!

The Prosper Group

Join my community The Prosper Group on Discord! This is a new community, but I have plans to hold contests, podcasts, build apps, and much more! Join us on Discord with the invite link below!

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Affiliate Links

Using these links also help me out. I only share affiliate links for things I use myself. I will never and would never ask someone to signup for or buy something that I don't use myself.

  • Binance - One of the world leading cryptocurrency exchanges. It is also the exchange that I use the most.
  • Kucoin - Another popular crypto exchange. My second most used exchange. They also have their own coin that pays out daily from their trading fee profits.
  • FreeBitco.in - Bitcoin faucet, lotto, dice, wallet and more! Only BTC faucet I use because it's the only good one.

Anyway I'm resteeming this post in case it helps find any interested people.

I have upvoted and resteemed this post to help you out. However, speaking honestly as a dev myself, this post isn't overly compelling. The details about the project seem too vague, it feels more like an idea that hasn't been properly thought out yet.

As a bare minimum, you need a project website and ideally a business plan. How will you make money? What is the MVP going to look like? When do you want to launch? I suggest before building anything too detailed, you write some specifications on the different facets of your game. The underlying mechanics, how things will be balanced and so on.

Also, offering tokens with no value might not be a compelling enough sell for most developers who see this post. Understandably, you you might not have the liquid Steem to give out, but there are other ways. I suggest offering equity in the idea, offer developers a percentage of the overall expected profits.

I will be keeping an eye on your progress and when things develop a little more, I might jump in and help you out on the front-end. Until then, good luck and I really hope you succeed. More dApps on Steem is a good thing.

People who contribute will be rewarded with some stake. I said in the post this project isnt very far along either as Im currently working alone.

I do have some of the backend coded and some of the economics of it worked out. But, this is more of just an idea Im putting out there to help gauge the interest. Its purposefully vague. Im hoping to find some people to work with before I put out anything too specific as Id like to have a little consensus among those of is working on it. I dont want anyone hijacking the plans I have before we/I have a decent start either. Seen it happen a few times in the past. :P

But thank you for the input and for the resteem. If you know anyone that does front-end work, send them my way.

The backend is being built using django/python. I was hoping to find a front-end dev with some react or vue experience.

Thanks again!

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So any idea why this was downvoted? I read your post on r/steemit but didn't help figuring out why. Any history between you guys?

He thinks im a racist. Another user called trevon james a nigger and i asked why the user did that.

Im assuming he saw my youtube videos about politics though. Im a right winger here in the states and theres 0 tolerance for that among liberals here.

Or maybe its the paypal ad i posted about that has 2 guys proposing to eachother. All i did was ask why companies try to pander to extreme minorities.

I really never said anything bad. So now im a racist and i look like a bitch and my girlfriend is ugly i guess. 😂

Yo ignore that dude, if it's stuff like that just mute and move on. The thing you want to get going sounds interesting, we welcome new games here and they see a lot of light quickly but usually requires something to exist for it to take off.

Things you could do to draw more attention to your project:

Get onto the MSP discord and talk to people, they often have a way for entrepreneurs or devs to pitch their project to an audience and receive future support there. Even though in the bear market it is harder to get going quickly or receive funding it is a good time to get a head start before this place will be filled with dapps.

Check out Utopian and their discord, if your project involves anything open-source I believe they support anyone starting anything and getting rewarded for logging their work in a post.

Lastly Fundition is similar to kickstarter where users can support projects through donations or votes combined with the main account itself.

Ok will do. Thanks for the kind words. Theu both had over 1k followers and one of them had a decent amount of Steem. So I just didnt want more of them coming and destroying my post payouts over nothing.

Just joined MSP. Im going to take some Steem and buy an account for the game to keep everything separate from my own.

I'll give Fundition a look too. If you happen to know any decent front-end devs, send them my way. Im absolutely horrible at front-end stuff. 😛

Thanks again!

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How much money did you lose on Bitconnect?

I believe it. Calicrypto is a weak minded person. Sad.

Ive always stayed away from Neo and Gas. Ive been buying a bunch of eos and converting it to Prospers Gold (PGL) and staking it. The game is supposed to launch next month so Im hoping it keeps going up.

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