Hey it's been a month since my last post! A lot of pictures here!🐾

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Woof woof!

Here are some moments from the last month.

They were all so tiny.

Milaya 7.1.


I was keeping a watchful eye as my puppies were asleep in the bedroom.

Miska 15.1.

Maksimillian 16.1.

Skipping a bit to today...


Maksimillian & Miska



Miska & Milaya and me

Maksimillian having fun with my big brother Miro

Milaya having a "snack"


I hope you had fun with these playful kids of mine!

Woof! Bye!


Beautiful puppies! Soon they’ll be running around the house! 😂😂

Congratulations Ninnu! Cute pups! 😄

Thank you!🐾

Beautiful 😍

Are you going to keep them or you will give them (sell them)?
Their skin colors are darker than @ninnu, but pretty awesome!


Thanks! We are planning to sell them, yes.

Yes, they seem to have a lot darker fur than Ninnu, and we figure Miska and Milaya are even darker than Ninnu was when she came to us. She was about the same shade of brown Maksimillian is now.

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The puppies are really cute. I enjoyed watching them drinking the milk from their mother. Thanks so much for sharing. 😍