1,400 dolphins were killed in the Faroe Islands.

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On a personal note, aside from the political aspects, I view cetaceans as sentient, and killing them is barbaric.

For people who don't understand the benefit of a Libertarian solution to environmental issues, it's important to understand that all these killings were legally endorsed by the state.

In a Geo-Libertarian solution (my particular branch of libertarianism) there would be a financial value attached to each whale/dolphin, and to kill one would requiring paying the owners a fee. In the same vein though, pods could be bought to prevent them from being killed. To me, the free market is the solution that will bring an end to this senseless slaughter soonest.

I feel I can very clearly demonstrate that the current governments sell protection to the whale hunters. It needs to end. The status quo is neither direct nor effective imho.

We do have a current method of enforcement. It's not great, but the WTO is where I would start, penalizing governments when their citizens violate others property.

In terms of enforcement, I don't believe in using coercion for economic or political gain, but in this case I think Greenpeace et al have it right. This is murder of a sentient species. Ownership of the dolphins is the pretense to allow us to extend further protections.

I welcome a spirited discussion on this topic.

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