The Only Donut Shop in Town - 85% done right !

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You find weak attempts at bagels and donuts

at slarbucks, but here, they are shooting for an American experience.


They get it right on most of what they do.

Either way, I will take it. The 15% drop is due to some of the fillings and flavors being a tad off, but they are fresh and delightful. The coffee is better than that of the other name I almost mentioned.


My son and I were out and about looking for a glove and ball (yes for baseball). We stopped into a shop that had one and asked the lady about them.

I had my son ask (sometimes my accent offends).

Do your have a ball and glove for baseball?

  • No, we don't carry those.
    But we saw one in the window.
  • Only for kids


I walked her over to it and pointed the adult version out to her.

She stomped over and seemed pissed off that I would correct her.

She refused to sell us the glove or a the ball to go with it.

We were the only customers in the store so I assumed, as usual, that she just doesn't like using the cash register or bagging things. Not our loss. I'll hang outside the store someday and see if I can get someone older to buy for me.

We went out for donuts instead.

One thing I like about Argentine coffee is that it's strong and these didn't disappoint.

We each got a cold coffee and a couple donuts. I avoid 'dulce de leche' but my kids love it.
Let me translate that one. Some donuts are filled with 'Milk Jelly'. I don't like it but I have made it.

Two cups any size - sugar
One cups same size - whole milk (condendsed -use slightly less)
Heat until thick as tar.


A police officer came in right before I snapped this one.

No, they don't have a habit of stopping for donuts, they barely know that donuts exist.

sponge bob.jpg
courtesy @josevillanueva

If it were not for the popularity of Homer Simpson, nobody would have any idea about them. There is one air-channel that plays nothing but "Los Simpson" and has for 20+ years.

I was going to snap a shot of of the officer, but I have successfully avoided police contact except for the one in my neighborhood, casual conversation, and I don't want to start anything new now. Since nothing is illegal, there is almost no reason for them to talk to you or vice-versa.

You can get two of these and a hot coffee for $95.00 but we paid a bit more to have cold ones (it's summer here still). The one on the left is apple filled. I have been trying to get pie stores to build me an apple pie but I keep getting apple cake for some reason. Pies here are filled with sweet potatoes - try to wrap your brain around that. The other donut was filled and topped with chocolate.

We ate till we were full. Charged our electric unicycles and then made our way down the road to pick up some large rats for the babies. You have to know me to know what I am babbling about most of the time.

If you zoomed in on the photo above, you would find out that a dozen costs $265 and twelve of the decorated or filled ones would take $350 out of your pocket.

I have not been in the USSA since the late 1990's but I would guess by the dollar rates here that a dozen donuts cost about u$s16.00

I would have gotten a dozen but I didn't want to accidentally feed the rats to the kids and the donuts to the snakes.



mmmmm donuts!. Bet they taste better than rats. I think I would pass on the pies though

Dear friend @Sponge-Bob I think that the cold Argentine coffee in addition to the donuts will be very wonderful ,,, I know that Argentine coffee is one of the best and finest coffees in the world ,,, I wish one day to taste and drink your Argentine coffee.

Good luck my dear friend @sponge-bob 👍👍😉

I guess that makes sense that non-local foods would cost more. There probably isn't the same market for them there. A dozen doughnuts at the grocery store is around $10 for the good ones. You could get Albertson's for like $5, but they're not the best.
It took me a time or two of reading your posts to realize you were writing USSA. Maybe a doughnut would have helped my brain go faster. :)

I write it that way because there is so much more freedome here - or, you could call it lawlessness. Never stopped by a cop - ever.

damn thats amazing

I love donuts. We have one donut shop here in town that has 80% of the business

An interesting story,
If 85% is done correctly, my opinion is good, because you also say, they have a good taste and when enjoyed with coffee, it is definitely more enjoyable, congratulations enjoy it, greetings for your family, my friend

I love donuts they look easy to make but I just tried to make a batch today and they just didn't turn out exactly the way I think they should have they were really good but they were not awesome.

First attempt20180225_155421.jpg

Excellent information Bob! Donuts are very delicious

between those two donuts that are shown in your publication, I love more this one that is covered with chocolate

It's nice article dear , nice recepie , food pic is very delicious

Good article on donutshop

Really a taste that will not be forgotten, that's when I eat donuts

¡OMG i love donuts! Everything looks great

Donat yang sanga enak dan lezat @sponge-bob

This has made me want to eat donuts right now. Your stories of how you does things in Argentina are so normal and at the same time they always bring something new, like knowing how life in your country, is there and what is common.

And I really love donuts filled with sweet condensed milk! :)

hello @sponge-bob. titiip salam buat bikini bottom yaa..

LOOKS LIKE its really delicious to have thanks for sharing it would love to try it out :D

donut's i am just a big lover of it can't wait to eat that soon enough

Sound's quite fun it was for you to eat there thanks for sharing it :)

Woow the donut looks very delicious yes ..
I tried to make it at home but unfortunately I can not ..
And the equipment I have is not yet complete,

The price is quite affordable too, maybe everyone can get it,
Thank you for sharing your day with us @sponge-bob

Bagi dong kuweh nya.

Tasty! Wow 12 years.... Thanks for share that.

All are delicious !!, do not wait so long to enjoy them again

wow so delicious donuts .....i just love looks so tasty..... i wish i can taste this.... amazing man..... i also love this cool so cool... awesome place....yummy donuts20952758_114131992635613_2983400509911597056_n.gif

When that dulce de leche liquid pain finds its way into a unknown cavity 👌.

this if I liked a lot

I know that steemit is a global community. I am sharing things that are new here. I went 12 years without ever seeing a donut!!!!! This is worth posting.

Yes, it's fine that I post it !! wow 12 years is a lot. It is a very beautiful Dona

nice post

well yu know what its night right now and i really need a Donut and cant do anything about it

I loved your publication Bob

Excellent information friend looks very delicious those donuts that good contribution for the community thanks

Quite expensive i think but it must be so delicious or am i wrong

Great informative publication that gives us to know @sponge-bob. regards

yummy yummy

Thanks for sharing, I love donuts.

Mmmm que rico, recuerdo allá por el 2011 hacíamos desayunos por mes cuando trabajaba en farmacia y. Gracias por compartir.

delicious donuts @sponge-bob, and I really like donuts

how rich is a photography show mmmm and it really looks very rich @sponge-bob

Donut Shop in Town - 85% done right ! this is a good tropic of your post.this is a good expericence of american shoting.argentine cofee giving good donuts in the world.its very fantastic cofee of by donuts.i appreciate of your posts.thank u very much for ur good post sharing... good job sir.. @sponge-bob

Very rich donuts that you ate! even if I am over 12 years old without eating a donut

Delicious proposal and with much better coffee.

Today precisely my post was about donuts, they are too rich.

All time donut my favorite 😃 you are describe very well into intersting story, i enjoyed to read this your story 😊 donut with coldcoffe its perfect match 😉

Sangat nikmat dan mantap. Liat donat rasanya mau gigit telepon haha

awwwwww the donuts shop looks so damn yummy ....
i want to eat them all :p

I enjoy donuts and coffee while reading this fun writing

I like,😆 donuts let alone the donut studded seres Brown same beans ,, Umm it's favor once.😱
post a nice @ sponge-Bob

magic donut? I love donut!!

@sponge-bob I think it seems very good taste .... how much the unit price

@sponge-bob the appearance of the donut is very interisting... I like to eat donuts

Everyone loves donuts, perfect food for relaxing and hungry too :)
Big thanks for your support brother.
Best regards from #aceh.

Love donuts and coffee!

the donut looks very delicious

hahaha you always make laugh in your post "slarbucks" "i almost mentioned".

but then reading your story, WTF man? the lady didn't want to sell you stuff? why ? wtf that crazy.

anyways, they chocolate high rise cup was looking delicious.

@sponge-bob upvote kami ya. :)

Woow amazing :D

so nice awsome. thanks for sharing upvote and resteem done.