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Thank you, abbak7. Oh dear, now it's not even $ 0.01. You get from me a 1* for your right solution : D

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Thank you, quotes-haven. You had the perfect eye for the right solution :D

aw.. you made me blush. :-)

Thank you, maxer27. You have the right solution :D

Thank you, n1hal. You solved it perfectly :D

Thank you, jeffjagoe :D. You've got it figured out.

Thank you, outlinez. You got it right. This is really great :D

Thank you, akomoajong :D. You solved it clever

Thank you, wakeupkitty. Perfect, the 3 is right :D

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Thank you, dpoll.curation :D. Thank you, @bluerobo :D

Thank you, russia-btc. You had the full overview, 3 is the solution :D

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Always skip a number, start at two, always add two 2 4 6 8
and here always a 3 less 12 9 6 3