Delegate SP to Dporn And Earn Rewards

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How To Delegate To Dporn:

If you believe original porn content has a place on the SteemIt blockchain then support the Dporn platform with some delegation support (SP). By doing so you are directly supporting the content producers producing the great content on our website [NSFW] and on SteemIt. Go to the following link below and enter in the amount you want to delegate to @dporn. There is no min. Or maximum to do so:

The @dporn account will only upvote original content thus helping the initiative listed below. To know more about rewards read below too.

Original Content Initiative:

There is a great initiative started by @fucktime & @marysweet as they have started a way to help support clean up the #nswf tag on SteemIt. Read about it here.

We have to take care of our #nsfw tag. Steem is decentralized, and nobody will do it for us. Plagiarism has to be punished and not allowed on our wonderful tag.

Check out the Discord for Verified NSFW Content Creators ran by @marysweet to help the team do this.

Dporn fully supports this initiative and have initiated its own Dporn original content badge for its content producers who have been verified at Dporn. Videos will know have a badge watermark letting you know who is original content and who is not.



If you stop into our discord, and let us know how much you delegated in SP and we’ll reward you with some Dporn Tokens ( Amount TBD ) & give you access to a VIP channel where you can EXTRA goodies from our original Dporn content creators. You could get free items from legendary original dporn creators like @kassy-kage , or @persefone to just name a few! So go ahead and delegate some SP to Dporn today.

What is PornD Tokens Worth?

At the moment, the market cap for PornD Tokens listed here is at $150,000. This was calculated using the following formula. 7 cents (.14*.5) * 2.1 million tokens - BTS ,or BitShares is approximately 14 cents right now so Pornd is trading at 7 cents ). As you can see this is a low market cap. As we cannot give you financial advice, we just wanted to let you know what we offer and will be approaching exchanges to get listed shortly.

Is Dporn A Witness?


Yes!, we are a witness. Please vote on our witness as we become more involved in the community the more we can influence on the adult side of things with witnesses.

Development Updates:

We are close to releasing our Bot which pays out in SBD to @dporn stakeholders. By doing so, this will be a huge milestone in the history of Adult entertainment and blockchains as we’ll be the first ever to pay our viewers for watching porn. No other blockchain based adult platform has done this to date.

We are currently fixing the ipfs issues and should have a smoother upload process for your content and consumption needs. We are testing a solution as we speak and will have an update on this shortly!

Finally, thanks!

Thanks, for your continued support and patience of the Dporn platform and SteemIt in general. We have a great team behind us and community who supports us. We look forward to the next couple of months! Don’t forget to join our discord below.

Join our discord!

Please ReSteem and Follow!


how exactly consumers will be paid for watching dporn?

Hello @bronevik stop in our discord for an explanation.

Thanks for the shout-out, darlings! 😘
Keep it fresh, keep it sexy, keep it ORIGINAL 😍💋

Welcome @marysweet glad to keep it fresh & sexy for ya!

@jerrybanfield How about a delegation?

@dporn is my witness now

Thanks @fucktime much appreciated.

I send soon some sp to @dporn and me and my bf vote to DPorn ;) we glad to be part of community ;)

Thank you @lenarose for being awesome! Love the support & your content!

Am not really a big porn consumer but I absolutely support you guys being here. And I really applaud your efforts to kick out the plagiarized crap from the NSFW feed.

Thanks @tygertyger with Verge being accepted by Pornhub now we can see how big the Porn industry can be with the right system. We are working on keeping the plagiarized crap out of the NSFW feed and populate it with good , original content for the NSFW feed.

I am loving this push and initiative! Very proud to be a part of it!

Thanks @seamann great to have you aboard and supporting us!

Keep up the good work @dporn. Love what you have done with the site. You'll see more of me around. Just warming up my pocket rocket.

good have a nice day follow now wow

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Why be a pornstar when you can be a PORNDSTAR!

Do we already get anything for the delegation? I would like to help. I can't do it for free at the moment though because I have only around 60 SP so I have to choose wisely.

Is that bot in the making what's going to reward people for delegating?

Hi, @felipejoys,

Do we already get anything for the delegation?

We will give you some Porn D tokens and access to a VIP content area for some free content that will be posted there.

I would like to help. I can't do it for free at the moment though because I have only around 60 SP so I have to choose whisely.

No worries. Any amount would be great.

Is that bot in the making what's going to reward people for delegating?

So the bot is primarily for PornD stakeholders atm. Not a bad idea down the line for SP delegators too.

Is there a specific ratio for sp delegation/pord tokens?
Are there any exchanges for it, or a user friendly wallet?

Where can I read answers to my questions in general? Can you link me to a FAQ or something?

Hi @felipejoys, there isn't an specific ratio at the moment for SP. It's just a reward. Bitshares is our exchange. You should come over to our discord here. We can chat.

A little contribution. I hope to do more in future. You're big, guys 💜

Thanks! 💜

The best my post
Thanks you friend

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Uhmm porn you say not a fan but I can see a huge market well as long as it doesn't involve human trafficking. Business is business.

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Thanks @fukumineko we couldn't agree more with what you are saying.