Thank you! I laughed so heartily the first time I powered it up. Knew I had to share it here with y'all eventually!

are your nipples ultra sensitive or less sensitive being as big (and gorgeous!) as they are?

I think it depends on the situation and who I'm with. I've only had one person who's been able to get me to enjoy nipple play - and that's been recently. Before that, they were a mix of ticklish, unresponsive, or sensitive to the point of annoyance. So, there's a roundabout answer for you! LOL

ah ok.. someone i play with someone who has big yummy ones too... just trying to figure if there are universal rules to big nipples LoL :D

Nice naughty little show....I like the squeaky sounds of your vibrator, from your moans am sure that vibrator performs really well....

It definitely gets my recommendation! Unless you're sharing a room with someone and WANT privacy, then it's totally not the toy you should get.

very sexy! Thanks for posting

You're welcome - thanks for stopping by and watching! :)

Dear lord. I need a cold shower. And one of those vibrators. phew

I mean, damn.

(I'm sitting here somewhat speechless, my mouth hanging open and maybe drooling a bit after watching that. Forgive me if I am less than coherent.)

Also, that cover photo is fucking bad ass. Gorgeous.

Amazon, baby! They have everything.

and THANK YOU -- Isn't that photos just amazing? I have the best photographer .... need to get him back over here for some more content! <3 ;)