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RE: How Vote Incentivization Degrades Delegated Proof of Stake

in #dpos4 years ago

I do not know if my comment is going to be out of context, but I think that the problem of the votes for the witnesses is that the steemit community has not been aware of the importance they have they know little the reason of their existence and because they have to vote for witnesses.

As a solution, the platform should provide each new member with the information of some areas that keep the community active, since without you the virtual currency or whatever its name will lose its validity, because the number of servers or witnesses decreases, leading to the loss of the value of the platform. Please, if my comment does not correspond with what is written in the post, do not hesitate to refute it, as it would help me to understand more about this world of steemit.

Additionally, I support the idea of voting for quality, good work, performance, etc., everything that nurtures the community in a positive way. More not by quantity, by post without sense, or reason, that nothing else looks for the lucrative part of the space.