The Map - A DragonQuest ttrpg adventure - Part 2

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Notes on an Interruption

This adventure follows from the Map Part 1. However, the adventure was interrupted by a slight detour made necessary by the intervention of a Mr Farlo Fobman who distracted the party to ascertain their honesty (and steal the fairly valuable treasure of a recently dispatched Ogre).

Unfortunately, that adventure has been lost to time (as I did not properly save the draft on Ecency prior to my computer crashing).

Old Gerry, one of the companions to the Party, while not having met the Halfling Farlo Fobman before, has secret concerns he may be the same Hobbit as one who went by the name Mr Horatio "Slice'n'Dice" Beanpot, in the assassins guild some years gone.

The Map - the adventure continues
For the GM:

Apart from the "Interruption" there are no set encounters for the characters as they follow the map to the ancient Dwarven stronghold in the Seran Mountains - where the mountainous region making up the Hills of Skoshi and the Kestral Ridge meet the Forest of Karsharbar. However, once within sight of the lakes depicted in the map there is a 50% chance that any random encounter is with 1-5 Orcs (0-50%), 1-2 DireWolves (51-90%) or 1 Orc riding a Direwolf (91-100%.

The Mountain, Khaz Dorum as the Dwarves know it, is home to the stronghold, and is distinguished by the two clear lakes which Fane StoneKnower drew (see below).

The drawn image faces south, therefore the lake to the left of the image is to the west, the lake to the right is west.

Undrawn on the parchment by Fane is the path leading from the western shore of the western lake which leads up Khaz Dorum to the hidden door of the Dwarven stronghold.

[Read to players who have searched the western lake shore]

On the western shore of the western lake is a hidden Dwarven path, discernable only by its lack of path-like objectivity. What is visable are the almost but not quite natural stone indications showing the direction to be followed. Impossible to see, and then impossible to miss if of Dwarven blood.

And while the stronghold itself has not been discovered, a band of Orcs has taken up residence in the natural caverns beneath the stronghold. These caverns must be passed on the way to the stronghold.

[Read to players]

As you follow the Dwarven path up the mountainside, you see through the trees ahead the openings of a large cavern opening up in the stone.

A roll of 3x perception or less will allow the roller to see the D-6 Orcs and D-8 Dire Wolves in the cavern. On a roll of 2x perception or less the character will also be able to see the 2 Elven captives manacled to the cavern wall with cold iron.

The Elves are scouting to find the advance bases of multiple bands of Orcs who have increased their presence in the area. '

The Elves names and characteristic are:

  • Frayr (EN 20 (2), FT 24 (3), AG 18, MD 20), Long Bow Rk 6, Estoc Rk 8, Dagger Rk 10)
  • Andui (EN 16 (14), FT 21 (4), MA 20), Ranger rank 4, Fire Mage, Short bow rank 6, Short sword rank 6)

A special thank you to @ryivhnn for my wonderful and ever joyful Wombats!


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