Published A Dream Journal Entitled - Hypnagogic Statements Dream Journal

I thought that was kinda fun to put out a dream journal! Going through this is giving me an idea of what could be done. I like that. I like the cover and back of the journal which is the selling point I think. I noticed a dream catcher graphic with the interior that comes with the blank book. I chose a graphic to go in the background which has dream catchers in it too. It is coloured so I allowed for color and not just black and white. So the interior is just a bit more interesting. Here is the back of the book

I like the idea of the book with the title that you are encouraged to write down your thoughts and dream memories while in a hypnagogic state in between sleeping in waking where there is a degree of lucidity which may slip if you don't jot the thought or idea right away. Although I suppose if it was a striking dream that you will never forget you will have no need to write it down! Haha, yea I have had dreams like that for sure!!

Here is what the interior looks like

You can get a copy of the book here --