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I followed you there - tasted the burnt hot dogs - felt the strain in my legs from racing - and smiled all the way through. But when I got to spreading you ashes, I teared up.

Not for sadness really. Just for the thought of you choosing the place where you want to be at rest. They were happy tears. hehee But also... somber? Respectful. Thinking of our final resting place (even though it's not really!! Heaven is the real place and that's for eternity!!) But for our mortal bodies... it IS. and those places are so cherished.

I also have a place in the woods. It's very special. I won't talk about it now or I'll start bawling hahahaha but... I understand exactly what your place means to you.

I loved this Snook!!! Thank you for joining in!!! This is going to be a very special thing, and I'm so happy that @samsmith1971 is leading a team to take it on and keep giving it life!!!


Thank You, Dreem!!

So am I. This was so perfect, and the timing was great. No time to overthink of finding a way out :D

THANK YOU for getting back to me 12 hours later. LOLLLL It was meant to be.