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Feeling Uneasy

Looking at the reflection on his device's screen, the stressed face from the thoughts digging deep in his mind is all he sees. He's got so many unanswered questions as to why he exists as who he is. Every passing day, there's this little assessment to see how much of social interactions he could handle and hardly enough would there be a pass mark. Should that be something of concern? He can't tell. His least could be someone's best and vice versa.

So many factors play their roles in creating a perfectly unpredictable path with checkpoints that require patience to pass through. The environment he grew up in probably shaped him to become an introvert with a scarred heart. Many a times when his thoughts cross those paths that makes him feel like one helpless guy, he tells himself 'be happy the way you can'.

There have been dire situations when he needed to express how he felt about something or someone, and all his thoughts would vanish into thin air, leaving him speechless. Thus, one of the biggest hurdle he's yet to overcome is having to do things that requires consistent level of social skills, such as writing a post like this. Many IRL opportunities were lost and he's been broken countless times. Now, he just wants to own who he is and every other thing could come at their own pace.

In His Sanctuary

The environment that gave him a life became one to criticize his abilities just because he bared his vulnerability. 'We don't need his opinion because he doesn't even have one', they'd say. No one would try to understand how he feels when he can't even talk things through with them and find closure. He just had to move on, trusting his own intuition.

He chose to build a sanctuary in himself, since only he understands him the best. Finding a quiet hobby and honing few snail-inspired skills was just the right thing to spend time on, rather than being a social butterfly. Like a snail, he just need to fix his broken self, spend a lot of self time and burn the social candle for things that matters.

The opportunity to heal wounds from the past and find solution to the struggles of new beginnings lies within us. It can be hard living with vulnerability, but with trust in ourself, there's no holds barred. Riding with confidence while keeping our emotions on a tight leash will go a long way towards building the kind of sanctuary we desire.


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