Awesome drone shoot - Porto Fino and Santa Margherita

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Right folks,

Took the family to Santa Margherita for the weekend.

It is lovely. 2 hours from Monaco. The perfect seaside town. I would advise you go and visit.

We booked a lovely Airbnb property just by the port.


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Nice video, I like your drone flights, I've been to Italy but not to that place. I visited Cinque Terre though.

I liked

I am glad see this shoot give me upvotes and tips any people

Wow!!! Your family would be so delighted, I'm sure you guys had loads of fun. Would really love to take to your advise and visit that place

No problem. Ask away...

Good one @michaelwilshaw

Nothing to say, this seabeach really beautiful

Wonderfull loking your drone shoot