Don´t take fights personal and use spies ! derangedvisions vs gormogon

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You should never take things personal in Drugwars or you make unprofitable fights like this.

Yes he killed my whole army but he also lost 268 Bouncers and 105 Rowdys. That are total costs of 438,2 k Weapons and 348,4 k Alcohol. That´s a lot of resources spend just for revenge. He also hasn´t send a spy before to see if there are any resources that are not safe.

If you really want to make it to the top in Drugwars then you should allways use spies. With spies you know if there is a big army you got to fight against and if there are resources you can get. So be smart, use spies and calculate the risk against the possible reward. I wish you all a nice weekend and a lot of fun with Drugwars.


This is interesting I will utilize this advice , because I just fight my opponent blindly without knowing their worth and strength @gormogon

Sir you enjoying game nice.

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