You kill me

in #dsound6 years ago (edited)

Today I want to share the last song I've worked on.

Lyric and Interpretation: Abner Vielma
Musical Production: Bearded Skull


When I did not think about the price of feeling, I just felt,
without a filter I believed everything,
even your look, even your smile,
through your mouth every word proclaimed was Mass.

Now that I always think what I say and what I do,
you do not win me telling lies, shameless!
you know what I'm talking about, you call yourself Little Red Riding Hood,
and you want to make me look like the wolf in the story.

I never forced you to sign a contract,
Over there is the door, if you want we do not talk anymore,
why do I always have such filthy luck? my life!
rotten apples always approach me.

Maybe I do not know how to choose my friends well,
maybe I like to be in insane relationships,
look me in the face, tell me you cheat me,
honey, I know what you want without telling me anything.

If I told you, she thinks she is in love,
those are the nerves, my queen, that's not love.
she will soon mature and understand that she deceived herself,
she will soon mature and understand that I was cheating on her.

she will soon mature to stop being the good one,
she will become the bad girl, the malicious one.
I prefer the bad girl than the good girl, the good girl is bad bed,
life could be good if you do not complicate it so much.

If you only accept and do not make it difficult for me,
you get too entangled, but what do you want to prove to me?
If you know what I want and you know that you crave it,
Why waste time in this social rite?

That damn look,
you kill me a thousand times
you make me feel nothing,
maybe that's how they feel
two souls coupled,
when love vanishes.

It's not something I invented,
that's how the world works, that's how the state was born,
for my part I do not want to be part of the cattle,
If you want, let's not be part of the deception.

Tell me what your play? You're mocking me?
you have a good hand and your eyes give you away,
you are a cheat, triple and double rat,
If I'm good with you because you're bad with me?

It's probably very easy to put on my shoes.
And how about we invest the papers for a while?
you seduce me, I agree and sign the contract,
you make me fall in love, then you throw me away like a rag.

I do not want the romance of supervised schedule,
you will be the heroine of the story and I the villain,
in the course of history we hate each other, we mistreat ourselves,
we hurt ourselves, from so much fighting we fell in love.

The day your pleasures are exhausted,
the day your lies are finished,
It will be when you finally stop being love and poetry blood.

That damn look,
you kill me a thousand times
you make me feel nothing,
maybe that's how they feel
two souls coupled,
when love vanishes.


See you in a next publication, peace.


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