Lilly Wilton - The Chain ( Featuring Davood Faramarzi aka @DavidFar )

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This incredible song is written and performed by a talented artist @lillywilton as an acoustic track, which later I joined in this song and after listening to the track the ideas came to my mind added more instruments, and then I mixed the track with the new instruments (Acoustic Guitar solo, Electric Guitar Solo and Riff, Drums, Bass and Cello). the song that you are listening was her live performance which I downloaded it from Dlive and then I did the mix.

We are going to work on more tracks in future. listen and enjoy!

Listen on Choon:

Peace & Love!!

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Awesome song! Awesome Collaboration!! I loved the melody, and you did really great work Davood, what an outstanding producer you are to have done this from a live song!

<3<3 many thanks Lyndsay! :D I feel great when I read your kind words!

Awesome collab... 🐀🌹🐀

🌹 Great to hear from you @yidneth , it's your kindness :D

You are so very welcome :)

Awesome collaboration! I really really want her T-shirt

:D Thank you so much Thomas , I agree that's a cool T-Shirt :D

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