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This was a big mix for me. I'd been on board with SHA Digital for some time as a podcaster and a writer. By the time it came to the chief asking for a new mix, I'd reached saturation point with rolling out a standard set of tracks. It was quickly becoming something that just was not me.

So I carefully crafted this emotional journey and submitted it. I believe the words used by the chief was "it sounds like fucking Bladerunner or something!" While it isn't quite a Vangelis synth journey, it certainly goes for emotional content.

There is a lot of careful crafting in the sequencing and layering of tracks here. It stands as one of my all time favourite mixes that I've ever crafted and possibly the one that garnered the most engagement from those who have listened to it.


Audision – Yellow Sunset (Hofuku Sochi Remix) //
Polymorphin – Balloon Farm //
Trentemoller – Even Though You’re With Another Girl (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) //
Jacob Korn – Grosskariert //
October – That Placid (Ewan Pearson Remix) //
Margot – Liuff Dub //
Exercise One – It Is Happening Again //
The Mfa – Overhang //
Appleblim and Ramadanman – Void 23 (Carl Craig Re-edit) //
West Norwood Cassette Library – Blonde On Blonde (Pearson Sound Remix) //
Maceo Plex – Bring It Back (Original Mix) //
John Talabot – Matildas Dream //
Nicolas Masseyeff – No More Time feat JR C (Gabriel Ananda Remix) //
Polar – Lectric (John Tejada Remix) //
Francesco Tristano – Idiosynkrasia (Ben Klock remix) //
Instra:Mental – 8 //
Jichael Mackson – Sugar Hill Mountain //
Applescal – All Sparkles

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I like the way how you build the atmosphere around your mix by a fantastic track selection
big up for Trentemoller, Jacob Korn, Maceo Plex & John Talabot

Thank you! I was really starting to transition in terms of style on this one. Definitely had a real vision to it.

Awesome mix again! So much great music to explore, also it perfectly resonates with that hot weather we're having right now :)

Going through the good stuff now!