music for a one restaurant town [waylaid]

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Most of the mixes I've made over the years have garnered pretty much next to nothing in terms of feedback. I think I've had more here over the last month than in the years previous! That's ok though - they're mainly made for my own creative outlet. If they go out into the void and someone gets something out of it, that's more than enough for me.

A good many years ago, someone actively piped up with an interest in my sounds, which was nice. I was so heartened, that I made a mix for their birthday, which ended up being a sprawling two CD effort. The title comes from that they lived in a kind of nowhere place in Memphis.

This is the first session - it is overcast and rainy, my personal favourite of the two. I'll load the more pumping session tomorrow.


Pablo Bolivar - Frequency //
Kai Von Glasow - Unkind //
Metope - Zonic //
Universal Language - Dub Sessions 1 [Nadja Lind's Sickness Of The Mind Remix] //
Ripperton - Farraway //
Trentemoeller - Shades of Marble [Kasper Bjorke Remix] //
Petar Dundov - Stairway //
Nick Robson - Under Shelter //
Max Cooper - Epitaphy //
SCSI-9 - Songs From The High Tower //
He and She - Vmeste //
Zeitgeist - I Dance For No Reason //
Bostro Pesopeo & Pional - Baby Blue //
Pantha Du Prince - A Nomad’s Retreat [The Sight Below Remix] //
Scuba - Underbelly //
Radiohead - Lotus Flower [Jaques Green Remix] //
Fairmont - Sedative For The Sentimental

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