AudioPrayer: Relentless Search

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This is the audio version of the Daily Prayer Series: Relentless Search found here.

Please use the comments section below as a journal, to ask a question, or simply to record some way God worked with you in this experience. The nature of STEEM’s Blockchain is that your comments become an immutable growing witness to others who come after us as an encouragement in faith journeys in days to come... so fill it up!
...come again soon & peace!
~ Eric

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Ok pastor, I will check it out. I made a new years resolution that I would read the bible (in total), this year. I have tried in past years but I always got side tracked and skipped all over the place. My 'go tos' were Daniel, Revelation and Ezekial.

I downloaded this app and it allows me to go to a new verse daily. So far, I've made it up to Deuteronomy. I began this routine where I read a verse every morning before I get out of bed. It seems to be working.

I'm glad you are finding something that just works for you. SOmetimes faith is about the starts and stops, other times it's about engaging with growing discipline the things that are good for us. Thanks for checking out what I'm hoping to do here. I really appreciate your stopping by.
Peace to you,

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