AudioPrayer: Simple Praise

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There are times when a happenstance brings one into an encounter with Awe leading to Worship. These often seem to go hand in hand, I find. This is the AudioPrayer edition of the written work posted on Steemit here
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Wow amazing

I appreciate your work here on steemit, continue taking the word of GOD to all nation, as it is written.
We resteem this post

Beautiful.....reminds me of a song that has been going through my mind for a bit.

Also John wrote a poem today expressing similar sentiments. It's not entirely strange that He works throughout his body in the same ways.

Your song here captures a great deal of what had grabbed me too! You are spot on in noticing how He does indeed often bring themes / ideas / prayers out in what strike me as “waves!” I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been working on worship things on,y to learn that another is bringing a component that wholly connects even though we had not yet touched base... if I wasn’t so enamoured with God’s quirky sense of humor in that I’d find it a bit disconcerting... but as it is, I find it fun!

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