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That's a bummer that Ableton isn't available in your country. They should change that!

you think I can buy it with a VPN? Will it be legal? :O

I think yes, because you already will pay for it!
and nice beats :)

owww thanks <3

you're welcome :)

Well, I don't know if it would be legal, but if you bought it with a VPN and then maybe turned off the internet while using it (or kept the VPN on) it would work. I actually like to turn my internet off when I'm working on music anyway, just so I have all the computer power focused on one thing. And less change of glitches / distractions.

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¡Votado por Engranaje..!

muchisimas gracias!!

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eso quiero, pero sera la licencia mas bajita, por que es bien dificil pues hahahahaa