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A not to cool of a topic right now, being that of fire. A hot topic in California to say the least. I know of too many personal friends that have lost everything in the recent California Fires, yes even their lives, two of my family friends died when fire consumed the car they where trying to escape in.

I was making this song when it happened, so I formed it to suit the feeling with ambient soundscapes and broken beats and deep basslines cutting through to send chills of thoughts through your mind. We must be aware even if its not directly effecting you, the world is changing and we must protect ourselves and do what we can to survive the times.

Fundition Fundraiser for victims I know Personally


The Woosley Fire
Structures Threatened: 57,000
Structures Destroyed:
370 destroyed (estimate) - 2 damaged

Injuries: 3 injuries - 2 civilian fatalities at the time of making this.
Cause: Under investigation but we heard what happened

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So terrible. Praying and hoping the destruction will end asap out there

Yea I know my heartaches for my friends and so many of them this time too. Thank you for your words. Doing alot of research on the fires and something just isn't right and firefighter were no where to be found in neighborhoods that were on fire and most areas were saved by people who stayed behind to protect the homes with water, which ended up being enough to save most who tried.

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i feel it in this one @krazypoet it's lovely and it hurts. I hope all affected by fire are okay and finding the love they need to get through.

Hey thanks bro I appreciate it, yea it's a hard thing to talk about but we have too. We hope the same and do what we can and pray for the comfort they need. Appreciate the resteem too. Be well bro and keep making that cool music too man alright...

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AWesome track, sorry about this tragedy, hope you guys are ok

Thank you I appreciate it my man, love your work too. I know tragedies like this sick but we do what we can and as an artist help with the awareness. Be well bro we are good tho just alot of friends are without right now.

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I'm so sorry for your loss that you guys are going through this. Stay safe @krazypoet. You will be in my thoughts. 🖤

Hey there thanks, it does suck, appreciate the kind words tho. Be well

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Happy thoughts sent your way bro, keep ya chin up, ok?

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Hey bro I appreciate the kind words many, its sucks and my heartaches for my friends and so many of them lost it all, some of the gofund me pages are doing ok but it just does not seem like enough to replace what was lost especially the lives. Trying not to be unhappy but hey thanks for the pictures and the stories of steemfest I know you guys had a great time and it makes me happy to see all the awesome stories and love there. Be well my friend. And thanks for all you do.

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