Blockchain Music Contest Round 1 || Second Womb ~ Fuguestate

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Peace to the homies building on blocks as we elevate the chains and expand our influence x reach through creativity! I peeped the theme for round 1 of the Blockchain Music Contest was based around spooky things, which is perfect because I have this record thats called Fuguestate too eerie for the common ear. I must admit that i ascribed this record during the last presidental election, around this time I physically felt the unsettled disruption and division surrounding politics... I feel like this track channels the climate of times, well at least from my environment! Goosebumps included.

For an added bonus to the mood of this post, check out the "Chicken" video at the end, for an extra spine chill. A PSA from myself and @fatherearth . The Womb is in ya Room !! FEEDBACK IS GREATLY ENCOURAGED, LET ME KNOW HOW IT MAKES YALL FEEL!!


Rap battles
half cattle
Half swine
latch sattels
Twat riding
transmission stalling
Phone ringing
Lucifer calling
Howling at the moon
wolves wearing sheep's clothing
Clowns in the woods
Lurking on ya kiddy cats
Future President I think the Devil sent
Metal still scorching
dead corpses still warming
Fliup lormen
Kill for em
loaded up the cannon
Shoot again then abandon
wala wala wala walanaminnn
Jet fuel can't melt steel beams nigga
Building 7 unseen nigga
Those ain't clouds dummy
They kidding you
Picky booooooo
Its alright
Its only fluoride
No lie I order like 4 fries
Whipping up the coca coca
A pinch of coke up in ya soda
100 bad bitches in the back of the club
and they doing what they want
If I had a line
They would single file
Damn these hoes fine
And they all mine
That's 100 dimes
Let a nigga step up
If I catch em and he slipping
imma hit him
Pay attention muh fugga
know I'm coming back
for all of my commission
These niggas tripping
Nothing but existing
Told my momma that we living
New money New cars
new floors in the kitchen
watch a nigga heat up
A hundred hoes on my penis
Now watch em all eat up


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GReat sound round here! Yes Does dEvil really exixst? or it's just a way a fonction to help us to produce more songs?
Thanks for this great poem

Salute.. all is inspiration. Well depending on your perspective! Glad you enjoy the sounds! #spreadthedookie